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FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $50!
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Our Story

The Tags Team is a Mother-Daughter duo from Tampa Bay, Florida. Eileen and Meghan took over the company from an extended cousin, Jennifer, late in 2020 when Meghan was preparing to be a new mom (and shortly after Jennifer became a new mom herself!). Immersed in all things baby, Meghan and Eileen were drawn to the ultra-soft blankets and stimulating possibilities for little ones. They plan to take the foundation laid down by Jennifer to the next level and soon hope to offer an array of products for your little ones!

Tags was inspired by the soothing ability of the tag on our niece’s blanket. Leila, the inspiration behind tags, would use her blanket tag to comfort herself when in a new space, feeling tired, or to put her baby sister to sleep. Utilizing the services of an amazing designer in London our product designs were developed with input from speech, physical, and occupational therapists (as well as special education teachers). Our goal at Tags is to deliver a new product for your baby's optimal development and comfort!


 Leila, our inspiration: 

Leila--the inspiration


Meghan and Eileen: